dent repairWe all want our cars looking as nice and well-cared for as possible. Not only does it feel better to drive a car that’s in excellent shape, but it also means that if the time comes to sell it you will get more of your money back. Frustratingly, dings and dents are all too common, frequently seeming to appear out of nowhere. While cosmetic imperfections may not affect performance in any way, the unsightly marks diminish your vehicle’s value. If you have suddenly found a mark that was not there before, be aware — it may have been the result of one of these common causes:

  1. Fender benders: It is generally pretty clear when these small accidents are the cause of a new dent. Don’t fret, this is what car bumpers were made for. While a panel damaged in an accident may take up to 100 small pushes to be fully restored, paintless dent repair experts can perform this procedure quickly and at a competitive cost.
  2. Shopping carts: Sometimes there is cart in a parking spot that you’re pulling into that you just don’t see in time. Or, while you were inside the grocery store, a distracted customer accidentally charged their cart right into your vehicle. Whatever the scenario, when rigid metal carts bump into a car they tend to leave a mark. So long as the paint has not been scratched or marred, paintless dent repair is an option to undo this damage.
  3. Car washes: Many drivers love automatic car wash establishments for their speed, price, and shining clean. However, these services can cause the occasional dent if a piece of equipment fails to function properly, or if your car is inadequately aligned on the conveyor belt.
  4. Inclement weather: There is one form of precipitation in particular that is famous for denting and damaging cars: hail. When these balls of ice are large enough, they can damage windshields and windows and dent the body of your car. You can waste your time cursing Mother Nature for the misfortune she has wrought, or you can simply call Meticulous Paintless Dent Removal!

Conventional dent repair techniques use body fillers, primers, and paints which are both expensive and harmful to the environment. Thankfully, services such as Meticulous Paintless Dent Removal can fix small dings and dents without the use of these agents. This mobile paintless dent repair service can be performed anywhere, often in under an hour.