mobile dent repairMaybe you got caught in a hail storm, or maybe that “touchless” car wash was more aggressive than advertised. Now, you’re looking at a sizable dent in your car’s door. How on earth are you ever going to fix that crumpled metal?

For many dents, paintless dent repair can have your car looking back to normal in record time. However, despite the incredible results that mobile dent repair experts can achieve, some people still doubt that dent removal really works. Too often, the myths and rumors that surround dent repair can prevent people from getting their car fixed.

If you’ve got a dent in your hood that’s putting a dent in your mood, don’t throw in the towel just yet. Get your car looking smooth and shiny again. Here are a few misconceptions about the abilities of paintless dent repair you should ignore:

Myth #1: DIY Dent Repair Works Just as Well

It’s true that some dings and dents can be repaired with a few hours of at-home effort. However, in many cases, attempting to fix a dent without professional experience can make the dent even worse, and possibly cause permanent damage to your car. The internet is brimming with ideas about using sunlight, dry ice, plungers, and more to pop out dents. If you don’t care about your car’s final appearance, you can always try a do-it-yourself method. It might work, or it might scratch your paint.

If you want to be absolutely sure that your paint doesn’t chip in the dent removal process, consider professional paintless dent repair. Mobile dent repair experts will even come to your location and apply small amounts of pressure with special rods to push out the dent from behind the panel. It may take up to 100 small pushes before a panel can be returned to its pre-accident appearance. Though slow and painstaking, this process will never chip or scratch your car’s paint.

Myth #2: Paintless Dent Removal Can Fix Anything

On the other end of the spectrum, some people put perhaps too much faith in dent removal services. While dent-fixing experts can certainly iron out many kinds of damage, there are some types of dents that just can’t be fixed. For example, collision-related damage, chipped paint, and extremely sharp dents can’t be repaired.

Myth #3: Dent Removal Is Way Too Expensive

Contrary to popular belief, dent removal is often covered or partially covered by insurance. Call your provider before trying to fix dents out-of-pocket. For small dings, it may be cheaper to pay up front than to pay the deductible. Some shops will even offer discounts for multiple dents or other services.

Accidents happen. If your car has been injured and is now sporting a bump or two, don’t chalk up the disfigurement as permanent. With mobile dent repair, your car might be able to look brand-new again! Ignore these myths to fall back in love with the look of your ride.