What is PDR (Paint-less Dent Repair?
Paint-less Dent Repair (PDR) is an art form used by dealerships, body shops and car rental agencies that removes dings, dents, and creases in a fast and cost effective way. Technicians train for years to master this craft and to use special hand tools to meticulously massage the dents back out of a vehicle without a trace and without the need for paints, primer, or sanding. Technicians gain access to the backside of the panel and make precise, controlled pushes using metal rods behind the damage to remove the dent.
Why should I chose PDR for my repair?
There are many reasons to choose Meticulous for dent repairs:

  • TIME: One of the greatest advantages of using PDR is the repair time. Most dents are completed within a few hours verses leaving a vehicle in a body shop for days or weeks.
  • SAVINGS: Cost of the repair is another reason to choose PDR. A small, coin-sized door ding on a vehicle would typically cost you between $500-$850. That same dent repaired with PDR will cost you between $75-$150.
  • CONVENIENCE: We come to you! Our mobile technicians can go to a home or place of business to repair a vehicle. Our trade is completely self sufficient and does not need to use electricity to perform repairs.
  • QUALITY: Paint-less Dent Repair is the only repair process that truly preserves a vehicle’s factory finish. A vehicle that uses Meticulous dent repair has more value than one that does not.
Will my paint be damaged?
No, Paint-less Dent Repair will not damage a paint as long as it is done by a qualified technician. PDR is an art form that can take many years to master. We only hire technicians that have demonstrated quality repairs.
Can any dent be fixed?
Most dents not caused by a collision can be repaired. Some dents that are unable to be repaired include those located on the edge of panels, extremely sharp dents, very large damage, and damage where the paint has chipped off.
How is it done?
Our technicians gain access to the back of a damaged panel where they massage the damage with special rods and a reflection board. It may take up to 100 small pushes before a panel can be returned to its original pre-accident condition.
Will my dents pop back out?
No. The PDR process is a permanent fix for all types of dents and dings.
What is glue pulling?
There are some instances where we cannot gain access to dents with our hand tools such as a roof rail. In these instances, we use a technique called glue pulling. We use a special automotive adhesive that is applied to small tabs. These tabs are then placed on the dent and are pulled up using another tool bringing the dent back out to pre accident condition.
Will my insurance pay for repairs?
Yes. Many insurance agencies prefer the PDR method of repairing dents, especially for hail damage. We recommend not filing a claim for minor dents and dings because the cost for that damage is often less than most deductibles. When more and larger dents and dings happen without paint damage, we work with you and the insurance companies for the best repair options.
I've got several dents. Is there a discount?
Yes. We will negotiate a lower price for multiple dents on the same panel. For dents on multiple panels, we will work out a deal to service the entire vehicle. This does not include hail damage.

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